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Chattanooga Catering Menus for hors d’oeuvres

Catering for Appetizers and Finger Foods

Weddings, Corporate events, and Private party hors d’oeuvre menus

Hors d’Oeuvre catering is a very popular style of catering for all types of events including weddings and corporate functions. Finger foods and hors d’Oeuvre catering options are the perfect way to showcase a variety of foods in small form so everyone has something that appeals to them. Hors d’Oeuvres are great conversation pieces to get the party started and they promote standing and mingling versus staying seated. Hors d’oeuvre catering makes it easy to provide a variety of meat and vegetarian options for all of your guest’s enjoyment. So, if you want a fun and upbeat reception for your wedding or corporate event, then a variety of hors d’oeuvres may be just the way to go. Hors d’oeuvres can be served in two different ways. They can be served stationary on a buffet table so that your guests can help themselves or they can be served passed around the room so guests can just stand and enjoy having the different food selections brought to them. Whatever your style, hors d’oeuvres are always a great option to set the tone for dinner later or they can be a great way to incorporate some of your food loves that you dont want to create the entire dinner focus around. Hors d’oeuvres can be simple in nature or be a dramatic display of many, so there are so many options to choose from based upon your catering budget. Don’t forget to throw in a food station or two for an added element of surprise and fun for your guests and it will also serve as a way to create a heartier selection for the dinner hour.

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Display with Vanilla Cream
Assorted Fresh Vegetable Display with Creamy Herb Dip
Assorted Crudités Marinated in a Homemade White Balsamic and Herb Vinaigrette
Platter of Roasted Vegetables with a Light Chive Aioli
Domestic and International Cheese Selections with Crackers
Fruited Brie – Apricot, Peach, or Orange
Antipasto Display – Marinated Artichokes, Olives, Sliced Meats, Cheeses, Marinated Vegetables
Assorted Antipasto Skewers
Vegetable Spring Rolls with Apricot Sauce
Roasted Vegetable Tartlet
Brandied Peaches and French Brie Puff
Grilled Vegetable and Pesto Flatbread
Greek Spanakopita with Feta Cheese and Spinach
Sweet Potato Puffs
Mac and Cheese Tartlets

Italian Tomato Bruschetta with Aged Balsamic
Petite English Cucumber Cups Filled with Smoked Chicken Salad
Vine-Ripe Tomatoes Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Tarragon
Celery Barquettes with Bleu Cheese Mousse and Walnuts
Herbed Goat Cheese Stuffed Pepperocinis
Homemade Tomato and Mozzarella Salad with Fresh Basil
Fresh Cucumber Salad with Rice Vinegar
Petite Plated Caesar Salads
Homemade Italian Tri-Colored Pasta Salad
Greek Salad with Peppers, Olives, and Feta Cheese
Homemade Traditional Potato Salad
Homemade Macaroni Salad
Garden Fresh Broccoli Salad
Fresh Shredded Carrot and Raisin Salad
Traditional Stuffed Boiled Eggs
Three Bean Salad

Assorted Gourmet Finger Sandwiches
Mini Maple Ham or Smoked Turkey Croissants with Dijon Mustard Dressing
Bite Size Rolls Stuffed with Shredded Chicken, Beef, or Pork with Tangy Barbecue Dressing
Petite Sliced Pork Loin Biscuits with Orange Marmalade
Mini Beef Tenderloin Biscuits with Horseradish Cream
Petite Cuban Sandwiches
Bite Size Philly Cheese Steaks
Petite Rueben Sandwiches with Sauerkraut and Homemade Dressing
Mini Orange Muffins with Smoked Turkey and Cranberry Relish
Rosemary Mini Muffins with Smoked Ham and Peach Relish
Petite Meatball Parmesan Sandwiches
Mini Cheeseburgers with Lettuce and Tomato
Mini Hot Dogs with Condiments
Petite Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Croissants with Tomato Mayonnaise
Petite Wraps – Roast Beef/Swiss, Turkey/Cheddar, Smoked Chicken Salad, Portobello/Red Pepper

Homemade Spinach & Artichoke Dip with Tortilla Chips
Cheddar and Beer Dip with Pretzels
Roasted Red Pepper Spread with Crostini
Caramelized Onion and Gorgonzola Spread with Toast Points
Creamy Crab Dip with Assorted Breads
Fresh Seafood Dip with Tortilla Chips
Olive Tapenade with Crostinis
Middle Eastern Hummus with Pita Bread
White Bean Dip with Roasted Tomato, Chipotle, and Corn Salsa with Tortilla Chips
Corn, Black Bean, and Roasted Red Pepper Salsa with Tortilla Chips
Southwestern Layered Dip Served with Seasoned Tortilla Chips
Spicy Salsa & Cool Cream Cheese Spread with Crackers or Tortilla Chips

Mushroom Caps Stuffed with Fresh Herbs, Panko, Parmesan Cheese
Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Oven Baked Portobello Caps Topped with Basil, Marinara and Mozzarella Cut into Pizza Wedges
Crab Imperial Stuffed Mushrooms Caps
Assorted Mini Quiche
Lemon Marinated Tortellini and Sun-Dried Tomatoes Skewers
Chef’s Collection of Assorted Canapés
Herbed Artichoke and Parmesan Tartlets with Light Lemon Aioli
Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Gulf Shrimp Cocktail Served with Fresh Lemon Slices and Spicy Tomato Cocktail Sauce
Snow Pea Wrapped Shrimp Skewers with Lemon Aioli
Coconut Lobster Tail Skewers
Petite Lobster Pies
Salmon and Asparagus Puff
Salmon Satay with Fresh Dill and a Creamy Dipping Sauce
Gulf Shrimp Kabobs with Teriyaki Dipping Sauce
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with a Basil Garlic Stuffing
Barbecue Shrimp and Grits Tartlet
Petite Crab Cakes with Horseradish Remoulade
Island Coconut Breaded Shrimp with Sweet Orange Sauce
Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops
Oysters on the Half Shell, Fresh Lemons, Hot Sauce
Sliced Smoked Salmon with Red Onion, Capers, and Lemons
Grilled Mediterranean Tuna Skewers with Spicy Sundried Tomato Dip
Assorted Sushi and California Rolls with Wasabi and Ginger
Tartlets with Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Cracked Pepper and Lime
New Potatoes Topped with Sour Cream and Caviar

Sweet and Spicy or Italian Style Meatballs
Petite Shepherd’s Pie
Shaved Beef Served on a French Crisp Drizzled with Horseradish Sauce
Tender Steak and Vegetable Kabobs
Asian Beef Salad Served on a Fried Egg Roll Wrapper
Petite Beef Wellingtons with Mushroom Duxelle
Petite Beef or Pork Spanish Empanadas
Mini Beef or Chicken Fajita Rolls
Chicken Drummettes in a Spicy Orange or Traditional Barbecue Sauce with Bleu Cheese and Celery Asian Teriyaki and Sesame Chicken Wings
Mediterranean Chicken Kabob
Caramelized Onion and Smoked Chicken Tartlets
Southern Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard and Barbecue Sauces
Southwestern Smoked Chicken, Black Olives, and Parsley Pesto in a Tortilla Cup
Seasoned Chicken Kabobs with Pineapple and Vegetables
Pecan Chicken Rolls on Bamboo Knotted Skewers
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Skewers
Petite Chicken Parmesan on French Crisp Topped with Mozzarella and Drizzled with Marinara
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Tarragon Aioli
Citrus Ginger Pork Kabobs with Pineapple Chunks
Baked Potato Skins Topped with Cheese, Bacon and Chive with a Cool Sour Cream Dipping Sauce
Pears Wrapped with Prosciutto on Crostini with Balsamic Reduction
Petite Lamb Skewers with Mint Jelly

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